Work in our Learning Community

If you were to ask our teachers the best thing about working at BSM our students would be top of the list. They are focused on learning in the widest sense of the word, engaged in the broader life of the school and value their teachers.

At BSM we pride ourselves on positive work relationships among our staff, with our families and our students and we use this to ensure that we provide a cutting edge education. We have a very strong focus on professional growth underpinned by current educational research and learning sits at the centre of all we do. If you apply to BSM and are successful you can expect to become part of a fun, rewarding, developmental and collegial school.

BSM Location

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Our school is located in pedestrian friendly Bonifacio Global City, a modern financial district, with outstanding access to family friendly restaurants, shops and other facilities. Green landscaped spaces are frequently used for international festivals, show casing music, art and culture.

With the ease and comfort that BGC’s area provides, most of our teaching staff live within walking distance of our school.

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Job Vacancies



Competitive group medical and dental benefits for both teachers and support staff.


Furnished accommodation unit for foreign-hired teachers.


Annual economy return flights for foreign-hired teachers.

Life in the Philippines


A true Asian megacity, dynamic Manila is the cultural and economic hotspot of the Philippines, where friendly smiles abound and cultures clash in food, art and lifestyle. This megalopolis may be daunting, but once you call it home just like the 13 million Filipinos do, it will certainly love you back. Want to know more about this restless city? Check out for local news and the artistic, cultural and gastronomic scenes in Manila.

Local historians say that the Philippines “spent 300 years in the convent and 50 years in good ol’ Hollywood” (input source). Nothing can be more apt than that, as Filipino culture is a colourful amalgamation of native, Eastern and Western cultures. You can experience such diversity in simple things such as an afternoon karaoke session, where American pop songs are belted out by Filipinos enjoying lechon in a small hut in a barrio. Browse through for some quirky cultural facts about the Philippines.
Things To Do

With its lively cities and outstanding natural beauty, the Philippines offers a wealth of activities. Curious about things to do while living here in the Philippines? Click on and check the different activities on offer.