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“We aim to develop students as global citizens who are equipped with skills, understanding and values to be able and willing to contribute positively to their world.” – BSM Vision and Mission


I write from the primary FOBISIA games in Phuket with our students about to embark on their first day of competition. I will provide a full write up next week in this newsletter. This week’s newsletter will focus on two exciting projects in Primary, firstly a service learning visit and secondly some new additions to our campus!

Year 4

Million Lights Visit On Tuesday 21 May, Year 4 visited a community at Camp Explore, Mount Purro Nature Camp, Calawis near Antipolo to distribute solar powered lights in conjunction with their service learning partner; One Million Lights. The students had raised close Php 30,000 to purchase lights during their recent social entrepreneurs project, which involved researching, designing, making and selling mother’s day cards.

Glenn Hardy

Head of Primary School

Initially, they met up with families at Camp Explore distribution point. The children, in conjunction with five Year 12 students who accompanied us, demonstrated to the families how the lights worked, how to look after them and recharge them, and how they might be able to save money on electricity bills when using the lights. Our students then went to a nearby community to see how their lights could make a positive difference to people’s lives.

It was lovely that our students could meet people from the communities they were helping. They heard, and saw, first hand from people how difficult life was without a regular electricity supply, the problems caused by the cost of electricity, and the gratitude expressed by people in the community for their efforts. The children came back with a much greater understanding of the problems people face in real life, and that they can make a positive difference. This came across quite strongly when the children reflected on their experiences.

“When I presented the solar light to my partner Jason, I felt happy because I knew that the light would help him and his family a lot. I also felt proud because I helped raise money to buy the lights. When I saw the inside of their home, I felt sad that their house is so small and dark. I was happy that they got lights. Now they can use it for cooking, reading, studying and other things.”( Akshaj Jindal 4JG)

“When I gave the solar light to a person with a baby I thought that when the baby was older, she could learn things with it. I felt happy that I had made a difference in someone’s life, and it was very nice that I had help raised money for it.”(Bella Retzlaff 4JG)

I was surprised at how there was almost know light and absolutely no electricity besides a small battery that lasts only two days. We have helped by giving lights to the people who need them to give them a better life having light to study at night and to save money. These lights might seem a little but it makes a big difference. (Cara 4SC)

It might not seem much but they really make a difference in their life. These people need affordable lights, they would buy kerosene lamps, these cost a lot of money. It’s also like smoking two cigarettes packs a day. Now that they have these Solar Powered Lamps, not only do they spend less, they also don’t have to breath in two packs of cigarettes a day. (Hugo 4SC)

“Before the trip I had no idea that we were even going inside the houses however I knew that they didn’t live in houses like ours and I felt bad. When we were inside the houses I saw how much the lights helped seeing as it was so dark plus I didn’t understand how they could live there because we were only there for a while and we were sweating already! After I felt really bad especially during the huge storm that night.” ( Noelle Tai 4GP)

“I felt very nervous when we were told that we were going to go into people’s houses because there houses were pitch black and it was so hot. Their house looked so dark but I felt proud that One million lights was our service learning partner so we could help the people in need and light up their lives.” (Kate Sy 4GP)

Year 3 Bees On Tuesday 14 May, something unBEElievable happened in Year 3. The arrival of four bee colonies to the Year 3 garden! Dr. Cleofas R. Cervancia of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, an expert on bees, came to speak to Year 2 and Year 3 about the importance of bees and the benefits of introducing them into our garden.

As part of our learning earlier on in Term 2 on plants and sustainability, Year 3 were learning what a system is and began to look at the example of bees. This encouraged us to expand our garden to include bee friendly plants, in addition to the existing fruits and vegetable plants, in order to help us to understand more about the relationship between bees and plants.

Our bees are still getting used to their surroundings, but do feel free to come and visit them in the Year 3 garden. We are looking forward to our native stingless bees producing honey later in the year.

Summer Scheme Mr. Cosgrove and the Summer Scheme team are currently preparing for this year’s programme. This has been very successful and popular since we first started running the programme in 2003. The scheme will start on Monday, 1 July and run until Friday, 12 July. Please be aware that there are limited places and it is run on a first come, first serve basis. The team have been very pleased with the response of the BSM community to the programme so far and there are currently places left on the scheme. More details about the scheme are available towards the end of the Lion’s Roar.

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