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“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” – Confucius

Primary Music FOBISIA (21-24 March 2019)
I would never have believed that Primary-aged children could fill an auditorium with such powerful and beautiful sounds. Having not attended a Primary Music FOBISIA before, my expectation canvas was blank. I did not know what to expect. That canvas was soon a riot of colour on the first morning of rehearsals when I quickly realised that we were in for a very special three days. As 2019 hosts, we welcomed 205 students from 11 different schools across South Asia in a huge collaborative effort. The hours of hard work, fun and purposeful practice that the students had already committed were evident early on. Anticipation built for the final concert that would be the inaugural performance in our Visual Performing Arts building. When it came to 2.30pm on the Sunday, a thousand audience ears were ready and excited. What transpired was beyond all expectations, an incredible performance by choir and orchestra that breathed life into our auditorium for the first time. It’s soul awakened. It was certainly, as billed, a “Thriller in Manila!”

Glenn Hardy

Head of Primary School

The Pinoy Fiesta that followed where performers were united with their parents was buzzing with the thrill of what they had witnessed and what they had collectively been able to achieve as a group. They had shared practices, sectionals and full rehearsals. They had also shared a Filipino cultural experience with dancing, street games and calligraphy. They laughed together as they messed up in trying Tinikling. They moved as one in the Thriller dance with Streetbuck our BSM hip hop choreographers, dancing to the brass sounds of Boyet’s 30+ piece band. Finally, they partied together at the disco, new friendships made in collaboration.

This collaboration was more than matched in the collective efforts of BSM staff. Our janitors and operations team were as ever fabulous. Our VPA team did us proud in showcasing their new building. Ira and her team were efficient and reliable as ever in preparation and coordination. And finally, thanks to Morgan Lewis and Anna Power (and her ever present assistant Cherr) who creatively ran the show from its inception a year ago: planning, leaving no stone unturned inorganisation, involving and inspiring a community, culminating in a show that was more than amazing. A true testament to the efforts that everyone from performers, parents and organisers had put in to reach the heights. Anna, Morgan and all – you can be very proud. test


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