BSM, An International Primary School

“Authentic projects that provide ‘real purpose’, capture our students’ imaginations, provide them with real challenges and the opportunity to drive their own learning, and deliver wonderful learning opportunities.”
Glenn Hardy – Head of Primary School

We are a primary school in Manila that provides an outstanding holistic international education. We aim for our students to flourish in their time with us. Student well-being provides a strong platform for authentic learning opportunities that provide ‘real purpose’, capture our students’ imaginations, provide them with real challenges and the opportunity to drive their own learning, and deliver wonderful learning opportunities.

An Inspiring Curriculum

As a British primary school, the curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum, for English, Mathematics and Science and we integrate ICT into all that we do. For humanities your children will follow inquiry-based units based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the key concepts of interdependence, choice, nature, systems, society and change. We recognise our students as global citizens and we want to develop them further so they are equipped with skills, understanding and values to be able and willing to make a difference in their world. Each Primary year group also has a service learning partner, which gives our students the opportunity to contribute to their local communities. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on Sport and the Arts (music and art) – with specialist teachers in these areas and wonderful facilities. Students learn Mandarin from the Reception with the addition of French or Spanish when they reach year 5.  We have a comprehensive Co-Curricular Programme that offers a broad range of additional opportunities to develop creativity and collaboration, and a Residential Programme from year 2 onwards that fosters resilience, independence, leadership and social skills.

Becoming Lifelong Learners

We ensure that your child is challenged on each step of their learning journey, by getting to know each one both as an individual and as a member of our community. In Primary, your child/ren will be empowered to reflect on and drive their own learning, be encouraged to become inquiring and independent, and will be supported as they develop high quality communication skills. We value and promote the development of your child’s collaborative and thinking skills, using our class-based and co-curricular programmes.

As an international primary school we provide children with a safe, nurturing environment where they can grasp opportunities to develop key learning skills and where they are inspired to be lifelong learners. We aim for our students to flourish through:

  • being happy, healthy and manage their own well being
  • being resilient in adversity
  • application and effort
  • meeting challenges and accepting that risk taking and making mistakes are positive parts of learning
  • reflecting, self assessing and driving their own learning
  • being confident in expressing and being themselves
  • being respectful, honest and kind, have integrity and take responsibility for their own actions
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For the health and safety of all our students, families and staff, we have temporarily closed our campus due to the COVID-19 enforced quarantine. We are implementing distance learning for our students until further notice. Online classes resume after the Easter break on 13 April.

We might not be on campus right now, but you can check in with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Application for admissions for School Year 2020-2021 is ongoing. For admissions enquiries, kindly send an email to: