International Baccalaureate Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is recognised as the most rigorous post 16 qualification in the world. Its breadth and focus on international mindedness and global citizenship are unique. It is recognised by Universities and Colleges as exemplary preparation for undergraduate study.

The British School Manila has been proudly delivering the IB Diploma Programme since 2003, and is now one of only 20 schools in the country offering this pathway. Our results are consistently well above Philippine, Asia and World averages. Our College and University placement record stands comparison with the best schools in the region.

The International Baccalaureate Curriculum

The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year course founded on the principles of breadth and balance. During their two years on the programme, students must take six subjects, one from each of six distinct academic groups. They study three subjects at a Higher Level and three subjects at a Standard Level. The Higher Level subjects are studied in more depth, focusing on more complex concepts, and as a result the assessment is more rigorous. The Higher Level choices tend to be linked to College or University aspirations. At BSM, we offer the following subjects in each academic group:

Group 1English Literature, English Language and Literature
Group 2Spanish, French, Mandarin, Spanish ab initio
Group 3

Geography, History, Psychology, Business Management, Economics

Group 4Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems and Societies
Group 5Mathematics – Analysis and Approaches, Mathematics – Applications and Interpretations
Group 6Music, Visual Arts, Theatre OR students may elect an additional choice from
Group 3 or Group 4 as their Group 6 subject.

The IB Diploma also requires students to follow a compulsory core programme. These three elements aim to develop broader learner attributes, to develop values and character and to prepare students effectively for undergraduate study. In the Theory of Knowledge component, students learn to be open to different perspectives and to reflect on different ways of thinking. Students examine how we know what we know and are provided with frameworks and a common language to help them to  interpret different types of knowledge.

The Extended Essay requires students to develop a research question and to produce a 4000 word essay using academic writing conventions. This develops research and communication skills and prepares students well for writing the theses and dissertations that are central to so many undergraduate courses. The Creativity, Activity, Service element ensures that the Diploma Programme offers a truly holistic education. Students are required to take part in activities that require creativity, that involve participation in sports and which contribute to local community development. These pursuits provides opportunities for learning outside the classroom that develop values and character and promote a balanced lifestyle.

The BSM Offer

The IB Programme at BSM is delivered by highly experienced teachers, some of whom work for the IBO as examiners. We have world class facilities to support the delivery of the programme and well established systems of pastoral guidance and counselling support to ensure that all our students can flourish.

We are equally confident in our Higher Education team who have years of experience and extensive contacts with  the best and most prestigious Colleges and Universities all around the world. These long standing relationships mean that applications from BSM students are well received and we can advocate for all our students on a personal level. Our Honours Board here at BSM grows each year and it stands as a testament to our success in this area.

Our IB cohort has grown significantly in recent years so that we now have 65+ students in our graduating classes; we are also pleased that we see increasing numbers of IB applicants accepted from other schools. We value the different perspectives, energy and new ideas that these students bring into our IB cohort. We have a well established scholarship programme that supports us in this goal. We work hard with all our IB students to personalise curriculum pathways as much as we can, to ensure all our students are able to achieve their potential.

BSM is unique in its vision, its values and its character. It is difficult to capture this in text; why not come and visit us and see for yourselves?

Find out more about our IB Programme here.

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For the health and safety of all our students, families and staff, we have temporarily closed our campus due to the COVID-19 enforced quarantine. We are implementing distance learning for our students until further notice. Online classes resume after the Easter break on 13 April.

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