Careers and Higher Education

Our team of highly qualified and experienced College Counsellors have an exceptional track record of placing students at top Universities and Colleges around the world. We have close and long-standing relationships with admissions officers at many world ranked Universities and Colleges. We engage thoughtfully with families to make sure that students are making decisions that fit their needs and match their aspirations. We provide high quality timely support for those students who wish to explore pathways other than University or College.

Our aim is to support BSM students in making informed decisions about their immediate destination post BSM and in taking steps towards their long term career goals.

BSM has a counselling team of three university counsellors, making it a ratio of around one counselor for every 20 graduates. From Year 9 onwards our Higher Education team offers expert advice to students on tertiary educational choices and opportunities, as well as alternative pathways and career options. Imbedded in the PSHE curriculum, the Careers and Higher Education programme incorporates developmental approaches and milestones that are age appropriate and focused on helping students develop decision making models that can help them make fully informed choices in the future.

We work closely with students and their families to help them understand the dynamic nature of global education and to ensure that they can fully evaluate the cost/benefit of their potential choice of university or college destination.

The underlying philosophy of the Careers and Higher Education continues to be “best fit”. Continually exploring the different criteria that are important for each individual family and student, the Careers and Higher Education team ensures that students are given personalised, practical assistance to all students during their university and college research and applications process. We counsel students in making decisions that we believe will see them thrive in the future. Additionally:

  • Students participate in an extensive roster of regular visits from a broad range of overseas and regionally based universities and colleges.
  • We support all students with all their college applications. This preparation includes proofreading essays, interview preparation, visa applications and practical advice about the transition.
  • We also offer a strong pastoral service, preparing students and families for the social and emotional change that they are transitioning into.
  • Assistance is available for students seeking internships during the school holidays.
  • The Careers and Higher Education team is able to give practical advice on SATs, LNATs, BMATs, and UKCATs. BSM is a testing centre for both the SATs and BMATs.

In addition, the Careers and Higher Education team collaborates closely with Key Stage 4 leaders to provide students with Work Experience in Year 11. Work Experience is an opportunity for students to explore interest areas as well as be more involved with the pathways they are considering for the future

BSM Career Counsellors offer expert advice to all students on tertiary educational choices and opportunities, as well as career options. We offer practical assistance with applications and counsel students in making realistic decisions based on current results and predictions. Personal interviews happen yearly on a formal basis and more frequently on an informal basis.

BSM students regularly matriculate in top universities around the world; with the United Kingdom, Canada, and United States being the top three destinations.

For the most up to date information about where students have gone, you may want to see our School Profile here.

The overwhelming majority of our students also receive offers from their first choice or ‘reach’ school. In the academic year 2018/19, 90% of the cohort received offers from their first choice university.

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For the health and safety of all our students, families and staff, we have temporarily closed our campus due to the COVID-19 enforced quarantine. We are implementing distance learning for our students until further notice. Online classes resume after the Easter break on 13 April.

We might not be on campus right now, but you can check in with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Application for admissions for School Year 2020-2021 is ongoing. For admissions enquiries, kindly send an email to: