Message from the Chairman of the Board of Governors

Our Sports Field has a new name…

With half term now behind us, BSM is now entering the last month of its 2018/19 school year. As always, the days and weeks speed by, particularly within a dynamic and busy school like ours. However, this isn’t just another school year coming to a close – it’s the end of an era. As we all know, Simon Mann will be leaving BSM after seven stupendous years as Head of School. What a journey it has been, and what a distance BSM has come under his leadership.

Over the four remaining weeks of this term there will be opportunities for everyone to say goodbye to Simon and Kim, and to thank them and wish them every good fortune in the years ahead. These occasions will no doubt trigger many memories and tales from the past, as well as much laughter and, I suspect, quite a few tears.

Simon’s name will resonate around BSM long after he actually departs, but because time ruthlessly erases almost everything, the Board of Governors has decided to ensure that his name will live on – permanently and most appropriately – within the school. Thus, at its meeting on 20 May, the Board approved the renaming of the sports field as the “Simon Mann Sports Field”.

In doing so, we hope that in future those who play and exercise there – as well as those of us who simply like to watch the sports or even quietly wander around in the sun – will recall the Head whose name the ground now bears, and who brought so much, especially in the field of sports, to BSM.

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