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FOBISIA Games, ISAC, BSM Sports Gymnastics

FOBISIA Games, ISAC, BSM Sports Gymnastics

BSM Sports Gymnastics

Congratulations to all the BSM gymnasts who took part in the BSM Sports Gymnastics event last Saturday, 16 March 2024. Their dedication and hard work truly stood out, making the event a memorable success. Well done to each and every one of our BSM gymnasts!

BSM Gymnastics

U13 FOBISIA Games 2024, Pattana, Thailand

We are thrilled to share the fantastic journey of our young athletes who recently participated in the 2024 U13 FOBISIA Games held in Pattana, Thailand. We departed Manila with a team of 35 students, ready to showcase their skills and sportsmanship on an international platform.

Throughout the three days of intense competition, our students showed determination, resilience, and teamwork across various disciplines, including athletics, swimming, football, and basketball. Their hard work and commitment were commendable, making us proud each day. One of the standout achievements of the tournament was our remarkable triumph in athletics, where BSM emerged as the overall champions, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. This victory not only reflects the hard work put in by our athletes but also underscores the commitment of our coaches and the support of our school community.

In addition to our stellar performance in athletics, our teams showcased their skills in basketball and football, securing notable accolades. With a spectacular display of skill and teamwork, our boys and girls' basketball teams secured the third position, highlighting their dedication and sportsmanship on the court. Similarly, our boys' football team clinched the third spot, demonstrating their resilience and competitive spirit throughout the tournament. The U13 FOBISIA Games allowed our students to compete internationally and served as a platform for friendship and camaraderie among participating schools. It was a fantastic experience filled with triumph, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our young athletes, let us extend our heartfelt congratulations to each team member, the coaches, and all those who supported them along this journey. Your dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship have truly made us proud.

Go BSM Lions!

U13 FOBISIA Games 2024

ISAC Season 3, Baguio

Congratulations to the ISAC Team for becoming overall champions this year in Baguio! Season 3: Boys Basketball & Girls Football concluded last Sunday with our teams finishing 2nd place in the Basketball and 1st in the Football. A fantastic achievement by our teams and a great time at Brent International School Baguio. The Boys' Basketball Team won all their games leading up to the final where they played against Cebu International School (CIS). The BSM Boys came runners-up to CIS in a tense game with 35-37 as the final score. The BSM Girls beat Southville International School (SISC) in the final which was a great match-up for BSM. They had to dig deep to win 1-0, a 30 yard effort from Isabel (Year 12) secured the win.  We are very proud of all of our ISAC Teams! Well done to all the students who are involved in Volleyball, Basketball & Football this year.

For official results in Baguio, click here 

ISAC Season 3, Baguio


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