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Year 12 IBDP Production: The IT, 2023 Artists-in-Residence: Daloy Dance Company, & Key Stages 3-4 Art Exhibition

Year 12 IBDP Production: The IT, 2023 Artists-in-Residence: Daloy Dance Company, & Key Stages 3-4 Art Exhibition
The British School Manila

Year 12 IBDP Theatre production - The IT

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the latest Senior School production, The IT by Vivienne Franzmann. Written specifically for young people, the play formed part of the 2021 National Theatre Connections Festivals and was premiered by youth theatres across the UK. It was named Best Play for Young Audiences at the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards 2023.

The IT is a form of story theatre; characters stand back and comment on the action as well as take part. They share their thoughts and feelings, comment on events, provide transitional information from one episode to another and help to cover the expository material handled in the narrative.

This production was very ambitious in its use of projection, sounds, music, video and live feed. The 55-minute performance consisted of over 170 technical cues. Well done to Alex (Year 12), Fiona (Year 10) and Chinee (Year 10) for designing, programming, and running the production with the assistance of Creative Arts Centre Events technician, Mr Luis Soriano. 

The performance is a showcase of IB Theatre and addresses fundamental aspects of student learning and development: researching, staging, and collaboratively performing play texts. Congratulations to the Year 12 ensemble cast; Agustin, Isaac, Jacob, Joelle, Justine, Nina, and a special congratulations to Adrianna for her powerful and honest portrayal of the central character, Grace. 

Year 12 IBDP Production: The IT


2023 Artists-in-Residence: Daloy Dance Company

In March 2023, the Drama Department hosted Daloy Dance Company as its artist-in-residence for Term 2. Artistic Director Ea Torrado and five Daloy dancers collaborated on an original piece inspired by the traditional Filipino folk dance Itik-Itik. Daloy also facilitated workshops with our Year 8 students, related to the process of creating the piece -- Itik-Itik mimetic movement patterns, physical theatre exercises, embodied storytelling and play. The work which was later titled Itiklandia fuses traditional Filipino elements with contemporary expressions and is ‘a physical homage to the natural environment we all share, live in, and rely on.’

Last 27 January, we had the pleasure of watching ItikLandia as featured in “Joy and Daloy,” a twin-bill production by Daloy Dance Company and choreographer-dancer Joy Alpuerto Ritter at the Tanghalang Ignacio B. Gimenez (CCP Black Box Theater). It was wonderful witnessing the evolution of this piece from its ‘humble beginnings’ as created for our students to a full-blown professional production that tackled some of the most serious issues of our time: climate change, environmental degradation, people’s displacement due to industry, commercialisation, and war. Much of the original work performed here at BSM was retained but the choreography was developed further and the piece was then extended to include audience participation through call-and-response and the use of mobile phones, ending with a rousing and charged rap!

The VPA Department proudly initiates, expands, and deepens connections with Philippine artists not only to provide opportunities for our students and the wider community to experience the richness and diversity of Philippine art but also to enable these artists to develop their work by giving them the time and space that they otherwise could not so easily afford. 

Daloy Dance Company: ItikLandia

Key Stages 3-4 Art Exhibition: CAC

Starting 05 February, the Creative Arts Centre will showcase a variety of 2D and 3D work from Years 7-11, reflecting all the effort and skills the students have developed so far this year. 

The exhibition will remain up on the walls until the end of Term 2 and is on all 3 levels of the CAC. We hope you take the time to come along and see the achievements of our Key Stages 3-4 Art students. 

Ms Justice and the VPA department


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