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KS2 Production: The Storytellers: Mga Sinaunang Kuwento

KS2 Production: The Storytellers: Mga Sinaunang Kuwento

‘The Storytellers: Mga Sinaunang Kuwento (Ancient Stories)’ showcased a new, original script based on a concept by and written in collaboration with Mrs Everley, with contributions by Filipino artists. The production featured Philippine creation myths, with music and soundscapes created by the Indayog Gong Ensemble and a special guest appearance by Ms Gemma Mallillin. Ambitious in its use of shadow, props, imagery, ensemble, dance and live music, The Storytellers was a wonderful exploration and celebration of Filipino mythology and a fitting tribute to our host country. 

Congratulations to all Year 5 & 6 young performers and a special thank you to the Creative Arts Centre team, Mr Luis Soriano, Mr Milo Valentino, and the student tech team, Alex, Fiona, and Rose. Thank you to the VPA prefects, Mr Stringer, Mrs Maclang, Mr Everley, and Mr Hannon, and Mrs Everley for her hard work, vision and overall dedication to Primary Drama.

The Storytellers 


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