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A Musical Journey through Filipino Heritage at the Goldenberg Mansion Concert Series

A Musical Journey through Filipino Heritage at the Goldenberg Mansion Concert Series

On 13 April 2024, The British School Manila had the distinct honour of participating in an enriching cultural experience hosted at the historic Goldenberg Mansion. Thanks to an invitation from the First Lady of the Philippines, Mrs Louise Araneta-Marcos, twenty-five of our students from various age groups immersed themselves in the soulful sounds of classic Filipino Kundiman, popular movie themes, love songs, and contemporary OPM (Original Pilipino Music).

The concert was part of the esteemed Goldenberg Mansion Concert Series, an initiative by the Office of the President aimed at promoting Filipino artistry and strengthening national identity among young learners. The event featured a line-up of talented musicians who are alumni of the Santa Isabel College-Conservatory of Music, bringing to life a repertoire that resonated deeply with both the heart and the heritage of every attendee.

BSM at the Goldenberg Mansion Concert

Our students were not merely spectators but became part of a larger narrative that celebrates and preserves the rich musical traditions of the Philippines. The performances provided our young learners with a profound connection to the country’s artistic roots, enhancing their appreciation of music and its role in cultural expression. We are immensely grateful to Mrs Araneta-Marcos and the Social Secretary's Office for this opportunity. Such experiences underscore our commitment to providing students with a holistic education that includes diverse cultural exposure. The enthusiasm and insights gained from this event have sparked an eagerness among our students and faculty to participate in future cultural engagements.

We look forward to further opportunities where our students can explore the arts in such a vibrant and meaningful setting, continuing to bridge cultural learning with our educational goals.  


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