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Vocal & Instrumental Programme Concert & Year 12 IBDP Theatre

Vocal & Instrumental Programme Concert & Year 12 IBDP Theatre

Spotlight on Music: Vocal & Instrumental Programme Concert

This week, our community came together to celebrate the incredible musical talents of our students and parents at the Vocal & Instrumental Programme Concert. With over 20 performances, the event showcased a diverse range of skills across various instruments and vocal styles, featuring students from Years 7-12. The concert was a heartwarming reminder that it’s never too late to start learning an instrument. Several parents joined their children on stage, demonstrating their own progress and the joy of music learning at any age.

This unique collaboration between students and parents not only highlighted their hard-earned skills but also emphasized the lifelong journey of musical education. We extend a huge thank you to all performers for their dedication and hard work, and to all the staff who made this event possible. Your ongoing commitment to the arts enriches our school culture and provides our students with invaluable opportunities to grow and express themselves.

Stay tuned for more updates on our music programme and upcoming events!

Year 12 IBDP Theatre

On Tuesday, 14 May and Wednesday, 15 May, Year 12 IBDP Theatre higher-level students will present their Solo Theatre Theory performance assessment task. This event is by invitation only

Society is very familiar with comedy, drama, and musical theatre but Theatre Theory relates to ideas that inform the creation, purpose, performance, and presentation of theatre. It encompasses ideas about theatre as an art form, genre, and style and can also refer to theatre processes and theatre practices.

In this IBDP Theatre assessment task, students research a theatre theorist they have not previously studied, identify an aspect(s) of their theory and create, stage, and present a solo theatre piece to an audience that demonstrates the practical application of the aspect(s) of theory.


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