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BSM Alumni Connect & Year 13s' Final Week Activities

BSM Alumni Connect & Year 13s' Final Week Activities

Dear Families,

On Wednesday evening, we launched the inaugural BSM Alumni Connect at the Manila Polo Club. It was a wonderful event that connected graduated students and BSM Taguig Scholars with representatives from various industries. The tremendous pride in being connected to the BSM community was evident in all who attended. The highlight was a conversation I had with one of our inspiring Taguig Scholars who shared with me: BSM has given me opportunities I never thought possible and I want to give back and support as many people in the Philippines as possible.   

We look forward to hosting future events, the next of which will be on  09 May, to be held in London.

BSM Alumni Connect April 2024

Year 13

As many of you know, our Year 13 students recently completed their final week of classes before embarking on study leave for their IB examinations. Our graduating class participated in beloved traditions such as the Students vs. Teacher Football Match, a Thursday night sleepover, and the highly anticipated “Pranks Day.” We are already immensely proud of their achievements and wish them all the very best as they enter this pivotal stage of their BSM journey.
Students vs. Teacher Football Match

Have a wonderful weekend.

Richard Healy

Head of Senior School  


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