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Successful PTCs in Primary School

Successful PTCs in Primary School

Dear Parents,

Thank you for the successful Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs) this week. Although these are the last formal meetings of the year, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child/ren’s teacher/s between now and the end of the year should you need to do so.

Please be aware that this term, our teachers make extraordinary efforts to ensure positive moves forward for your children into their next classes. Behind the scenes, there are a number of transition meetings taking place for all of our classes. Whilst undoubtedly the moves from Nursery, Year 2, and Year 6 into the next classes bring the most significant changes for our students, all our teachers share detailed records and spend time sharing these with the receiving teachers. Teachers also spend a lot of time arranging classes for the next academic year and ensuring that groupings are well-balanced. Parents should note that we cannot take requests to select certain teachers, however, as always we would welcome sharing any significant information which might be important for class groupings. Groupings are based on the needs and ‘best fit’ for each student.

Mrs Katie Tomlinson

Head of Primary School  


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