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Thank you for everyone's contribution to a productive week in Primary School

Thank you for everyone's contribution to a productive week in Primary School

Dear Parents,

Our week has ended well with the Key Stage 2 production on Thursday and Friday evening and the Year 2 Exhibition on Friday morning.  

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Everley for their hard work, expertise, and energy with the production which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Such great casting and a wonderful platform to showcase the talents of our students.    

Ms Kandace and the Year 2 team facilitated a wonderful opportunity for sharing learning with the Year 2 Exhibition.

As part of our Parent Teacher Conferences we do not share books, or pieces of work. However, the exhibitions (alongside the assemblies and other events such as recitals) are the best way to see learning progress of your children.  

Thank you to all the parents who joined us this week for Primary School events.

Finally some clarity about hats as the warm weather approaches…We encourage all students to wear hats when playing on the Don Jones Field at break and lunchtimes. However, when the students are playing sports such as football and rugby, then wearing hats is not practical and can cause further overheating. Sports coaches are aware of this and will decide this according to the level of physical exertion taking place.

Mrs Katie Tomlinson

Head of Primary School  


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