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Summer Scheme registration is quickly filling up!

Summer Scheme registration is quickly filling up!

Dear Parents,

Special thanks to Mr Sherratt and his team who ran the Parent Workshop this week about PE, Health, and Well-Being Curriculum. Thanks to the parents who were able to join us to learn about how we teach and assess PE and Swimming and how PE is developing within our school. The slides for the session are here for parents to access.

Another highlight for the week took place this morning. We were lucky enough to have Mr Sabas' orchestra join us for a performance and demonstration assembly. From Year 1 through Year 6 listened to the orchestra play a number of pieces and then learnt more about selected instruments. Thank you to Mr Sabas for arranging this event which is sure to support our drive to inspire and motivate students to learn instruments and experience the joy of performing with a group.

Mrs Katie Tomlinson

Head of Primary School  

Summer Scheme 2024

Registration Now Open!

Thank you for all your interest in the Summer Scheme 2024. The Summer Scheme registration opened for Nursery to Year 6 current BSM students last week. We have had a terrific response and slots are being filled quickly.

This is a two-week programme and to run it, we need 65 students minimum spread across 4 groups. We have a maximum of 80 places available. Traditionally, the groupings have been Nursery & Reception, Year 1 & 2, Year 3 & 4, and Year 5 & 6, though these can alter depending on how many students of different ages apply. Once a group reaches 20, then that group will be closed and any others wishing to join after will be placed on a waiting list. 

The cost of the scheme is PhP 28,000.00 and payment will confirm a place on the scheme. Please click on the link HERE to see more information regarding registration and payment details needed. Should for any reason the scheme not go ahead then all payments will be refunded. If for any reason a student misses a day/s, there cannot be a refund as all payments go towards resources and staffing costs overall for the scheme.

We are currently planning and staffing the scheme. Please note the scheme is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. The scheme filled up very quickly last year. The poster and video on each of the Primary School communication hubs gives an idea of the types of activities the children will experience. 

Should you have any further queries please direct them to Mr Cosgrove


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