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The Dangers of Deepfakes and Our Role As A School

The Dangers of Deepfakes and Our Role As A School
The British School Manila

Dear BSM Family, I recently read an article by a colleague regarding the danger of deepfake and AI in school settings. There are many takeaways from the article and some alarming realities Dr Winnard shares. As this article articulates so well, the pressing issue on our not-so-distant digital horizon that demands our attention is the rise of deepfake technology. Importantly, for me, is the power of collaborative support between school and parents. In an age where technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, it becomes increasingly vital for us as a school and as parents to stay informed and vigilant. As we navigate the digital landscape alongside our children, it is crucial that we take on the responsibility of educating them about the potential dangers and consequences of deepfakes.

So, what are deepfakes? Deepfakes are manipulated multimedia content, often using artificial intelligence (AI) to create realistic but entirely fabricated videos, images, or audio recordings. These deceptive creations can range from harmless pranks to more insidious attempts at misinformation or cyberbullying. In a world where information is readily shared and consumed, our children need to be equipped with the knowledge to critically assess the authenticity of the content they encounter.

At BSM, we are committed to developing ethical digital literacy, educating about protecting personal privacy, creating awareness about cyberbullying and building trust in online communications. Parental involvement in educating your children about deepfakes is also fundamental in fostering a safe and responsible online environment as we work together to empower our children to be responsible digital citizens, well-equipped to face the challenges of the digital age with confidence and resilience.

In school, we will continue to develop our knowledge of AI. Our academic team and AI innovators group are holding a professional learning session in March. A parent workshop will follow that to share learning with parents. Please look out for our other regular parent workshops and continue to support us in our community-driven journey.

Enjoy a safe family-filled weekend.

Martin I. van der Linde

Head of School

'Parenting Gen Z', Wednesday, 07 February & Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 08.00am-09.00am, LRC Level 2

This is a 2-part parent workshop that shall discuss the psychological needs across the entire human lifespan, i.e., those of our children and our own, in light of Gen Z culture, and how to meet them.  

Join us for an exchange of stories and strategies that mutually benefit our teenage children and the parents in us. Sign up here


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