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Thank you for a vibrant and enriching Term 2!

Thank you for a vibrant and enriching Term 2!

Dear BSM Family,

As this term comes to an end, we have much to celebrate. As showcased in our Whole School Assembly today, in this Lion’s Roar and across various platforms, a vibrant and enriching term has been achieved; and “achieved” is the right word here given the level of commitment and effort required to make a term successful for our students.

In the bustling world of BSM, where we can revert to data, metrics, and methodologies there is a fundamental truth that cannot be overlooked: happy students thrive. A student's emotional well-being profoundly impacts their performance at school. When students are joyful, they are not just happier individuals, they also demonstrate enhanced cognitive abilities, better social skills, and improved overall academic achievement.

Happy students tend to approach learning with a positive mindset. Their enthusiasm for exploration and discovery propels them forward, making them more open to new ideas and challenges. This optimistic outlook fosters resilience in the face of setbacks, allowing them to view failures as opportunities for growth rather than insurmountable obstacles.

Creating an environment where students can thrive emotionally is a collective and collaborative responsibility that involves us all. Shared values drive that.

In the quest for success for each student, let us not forget that by providing a platform for students to flourish, we develop a generation of resilient, creative, and compassionate individuals who are not only academically proficient but also equipped to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

To each and every one of you who has contributed this past term, to a thriving BSM, and the positive experience of our students, THANK YOU!

Enjoy your break.  

Martin I. van der Linde

Head of School

ANZAC Day 2024

Save the date for ANZAC Day for Thursday, 25 April at 05.30am at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

25 April known to all as 'ANZAC Day' in perpetual tribute to the 'New Zealand and Australian Army Corps' of 1915 is set aside each year to honour the sacrifice of those New Zealand and Australians who lost their lives in time of war.

A ceremony of remembrance, followed by a traditional "gunfire breakfast" will be held at Libingan ng mga Bayani (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) at Fort Bonifacio, Makati City, commencing at 05.30 am. 

In recent years New Zealand and Australian children have been actively involved in assisting with the laying of wreaths with their parents and we would like this participation to continue this year. Those wishing to be involved in the wreath-laying will need to arrive at the venue, with the wreath, by 05.15am on Thursday, 25 April in order to meet Mr Fred Montalban from the New Zealand Embassy or Ms Kathy Sanidad from the Australian Embassy. The service and breakfast will finish by 07.30 am.

We encourage students attending to wear hats and sunscreen. If you have any queries please contact Ms Beni Alcantara, Administration Manager at 8 234-3803, mobile: 0917 832 1010 and email address:


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