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Thank you for yet another incredibly successful year, BSM!

Thank you for yet another incredibly successful year, BSM!

Dear BSM Family,

This school year has been another incredibly successful year for our beloved BSM. 
We met our commitment to our school purpose, providing an outstanding holistic education. Our students have ably shown that they are critical thinkers, explorers, and embody our core BSM values. As global citizens, they have and will continue to make a positive contribution to our world.

Of course, life is not always an unblemished journey of constant success. There are bumps along the way and as in real life, at school, too, we face all challenges and can stumble sometimes. However, what remains at the heart of our endeavours is our shared commitment to our students. To our academic staff, thank you for your professionalism and hard work. To our ever-present support teams behind the scenes, our thanks to you. 

For the incredible support from that very enthusiastic part of our community, our parent body, thank you to you too. Your positive interactions and strong relationships with us are truly valued and appreciated. 

Our BSM governors are a constant source of support and guidance, always available and unselfish with their time. Thank you.

Our BSM PTA is relentless in their efforts to uphold community spirit and create fun-raising opportunities. Your efforts are very much appreciated too.

What gets us up every morning is our students. They inspire and drive us. My heartfelt thanks to our incredible students. Your resilience, curiosity, and enthusiasm have been a source of inspiration to me. Each of you has shown tremendous growth, not only in your academic pursuits but also in your personal and social development. You have faced challenges with courage and grace, and your achievements, big and small, have made us incredibly proud. As I said, at the centre of our endeavours are our students. 

BSM students, I am in awe of the incredible achievements you have made, academically and beyond. You have consistently demonstrated a hunger for knowledge and a thirst for learning. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I am immensely proud of the way you have embodied the values of our school community. Your integrity, your acts of kindness, and your respect for others reflect a true sense of belonging for us all.  

This school year, we have faced challenges together and celebrated victories together. We have learned from one another and grown together. It is this sense of togetherness and mutual support that makes our school a special place, and it is truly an honour to be a part of it.

As we look forward to the next school year, may we carry with us the lessons we have learned, the friendships we have forged, and the sense of community that binds us together. Let us continue to support one another and strive for excellence in all that we do.

It is a privilege to serve at BSM, thank you one and all for making this year a truly unforgettable one, and I eagerly look forward to the next chapter of our journey together. It is an honour to serve BSM. Thank you all for making this year truly unforgettable. I eagerly look forward to the next chapter of our journey together.

Enjoy a safe and family-filled summer break.  

Kind regards,

Martin I. van der Linde

Head of School

Uniform Guidelines

Dear BSM Family,

As previously advised in the Lion’s Roar, you will notice some revisions to our Uniform, Dress and Appearance Code for next school year, starting from August, including the re-introduction of a PE uniform for Key Stages 2 to 5.

For your reference, the Uniform, Dress and Appearance Code is now updated and also available via the Family Portal. We’ve also collated some additional guidance regarding our new PE uniform for parents here

Please note that there are no changes to the uniforms of EYFS & Key Stage 1 students.

BSM Alumni Connect Tokyo

It was a fantastic experience catching up with some BSM alums in the recent BSM Alumni Connect in Tokyo. One of them even has his ID from 17 years ago!

BSM Alumni Connect Tokyo

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