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Thank you for displaying the BSM Sporting Behaviours of Grit, Humility, and Teamwork during Sports Days

Message from the Head of School
The British School Manila

Dear BSM Family,

This past week, the vibrant spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie filled the air at school as our students embarked on a wonderful journey of Grit, Humility, and Teamwork during our annual Sports Days events. It was a week marked by remarkable displays of athleticism and character while showcasing the values that define our school sports.

Reception to Year 2 Sports Days

Throughout the week, our students demonstrated exceptional grit as they tackled each challenge with determination. From the starting blocks to the finish line, they refused to be deterred by the obstacles and challenges, pushing themselves and achieving personal records.

Amidst the fierce competition, humility prevailed as our students from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao celebrated both their own accomplishments and those of their peers. Whether crossing the finish line first, cheering teammates and peers or lending a helping hand to others, our students exhibited humility by acknowledging the efforts of competitors and showing respect for their opponents. It was a testament to the sportsmanship and integrity that defines our school community.

Senior School Sports Day

At the heart of it all was the undeniable power of teamwork on show in all houses. This was exemplified by our PE, Health, and Well-Being Department as well as teacher colleagues who all came together to support and uplift our students.

Thank you to our PE, Health, and Well-Being Department, whose tireless efforts made Sports Days possible. They went above and beyond to ensure that our students had the opportunity to showcase their talents and sportsmanship in a supportive and inclusive environment. Their commitment to fostering a love of physical activity and promoting the values of teamwork and sportsmanship is truly commendable and has left a lasting impact on our school community.

Thank you.

Sports Days in Primary School

I must also today acknowledge the huge effort that went into a fabulously successful WISE Conference last weekend. The Women in International Schools Empowerment (WISE) Conference provided a vibrant platform for celebrating and empowering women leaders in international schools. A first of its kind across the globe, this conference provided over 100 delegates with a well-considered and engaging programme, a brilliant group of global speakers, and truly engaging workshops and experiences. My compliments and thanks to Mrs Tomlison and Ms Williams and the WISE Committee as well as all those behind the scenes who made this remarkable event possible. As we head off into half-term thank you all for your continued support for our BSM community. I look forward to seeing you all on 19 February when school reopens and then, especially on 01 March for International Evening.

In the meantime, enjoy an enjoyable and family-filled weekend and break.

Martin I. van der Linde

Head of School


To reserve tickets please e-mail  or phone Claire or Glenda on (02) 8817 9440.


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