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Community Governor Nomination and Election Results

Community Governor Nomination and Election Results

On behalf of the Chairman of the Board of Governors, we are pleased to announce that 79% of eligible Parent Representative voters participated in this year’s election for Community School Governor for Primary School. Vote counting was completed on Friday, 07 June 2024, and it is our pleasure to present to you our new Community Governors:

Dr. Thea Gimenez  - Community Governor for Primary School

Mrs. Nina Golamco - Community Governor for Senior School


We are fortunate to have such committed parents amongst our community.  

Dear BSM Family,

School Bus Service New Rates SY 2024-2025

Please be informed that due to inflation, fuel price, and minimum wage order increases, our school bus service provider, Philkor Dynamics Solution and Sourcing Industry, Inc., will be increasing their school bus fees by 5% effective School Year 2024-2025.

Attached is the School Bus Service Agreement indicating the specific areas and the corresponding bus fees per term. The School Bus Service is an agreement between the bus service provider and the parent or guardian of bus riders. BSM is only acting as a facilitator in this arrangement and cannot guarantee routes and prices.  

A bus service representative will be onsite to assist families in completing the bus service forms and to answer any enquiries until Friday, 21 June, and from Monday, 22 July, onwards. Kindly refer to the following contact details:

Ms. Mercy Salmo

Bus Office Coordinator

Telephone Number: 8860-4800 local 1118


Mobile Number: 0907-278-3229

The deadline for completing the School Bus Service Agreement is on Monday, 05 August. The timely submission of the forms will enable our bus provider to plan the routes and schedule the pick-up times effectively for the new school year commencing on Monday, 12 August.

Changes to PE Uniform

We are currently reviewing the Uniform, Dress, and Appearance Code for next school year which we will share with you shortly, but we wanted to let you know in advance about an exciting change so you can plan ahead. 

For SY 2024-2025, starting in August, students will wear a new PE Uniform on timetabled PE days, with the current House Uniform being reserved for House competitions, Spirit Day, school trips and other special events.

The design mirrors the current house uniform but in BSM blue to boost our community spirit and match the uniforms worn by our BSM teams, our Lions On Tour shirts and our supporter shirts.

The new uniforms will be available in the Lion’s Den school shop from August and, to support families in making the transition, we will be allowing the current House Uniform to continue to be worn for PE during Term 1.

Pricing and sizing will remain the same as the current House Uniforms so we hope the transition period will allow families to replace their existing shirts as students grow and wear them out - though they look so good that we’re sure many will be excited to change far sooner!


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