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BSM Alumni Connect in London

BSM Alumni Connect in London

Dear BSM Family,

Last week, I shared thoughts on our school as a British international school and the rich tapestry of diversity that characterises our community. 

Our commitment to diversity extends beyond mere acknowledgement; we recognise that true learning occurs not only within the confines of the classroom but also through meaningful interactions with individuals whose backgrounds differ from our own. By embracing diversity, we open ourselves to new perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and cultivate empathy, a cornerstone of global citizenship.

In celebrating our international community, we acknowledge the unique contributions each member brings to our collective tapestry. Whether through cultural presentations and interactions, collaborative projects, service support engagements or everyday connections, we are continually reminded of the richness that stems from our diversity. It is through these encounters that we transcend boundaries, and forge lasting friendships.

As you read this, I am representing BSM at the COBIS (Council of British International Schools) conference in London as well as visiting some universities (Imperial College London and Cambridge included), and hosting a BSM Alumni Connect event. Connections with similarly-minded schools at COBIS, with universities and with alumni all contribute to a strong extended community. We had more than 40 attendees at the alumni event last night! 

BSM Alumni Connect London May 2024

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Hearing our alums speak so passionately about their time at BSM and their dreams for their future has been truly uplifting and makes me feel truly proud to be part of our wonderful BSM community.

Enjoy a family-filled weekend.

Kind regards,

Martin I. van der Linde

Head of School

Parent Workshops

'Humanities in Key Stage 3', Wednesday, 15 May 2024, 08.00am-09.00am, LRC Level 2, Screen Space

  Please join us to learn about the new developments in the Year 9 Humanities curriculum starting August 2024. In this interactive session, Mr Robinson, Mr Doran, and Mr Doherty will outline the rationale, skills, and content of what we envisage will be an exciting and impactful curriculum for our Year 9 students. Parents will be able to engage in learning activities that illustrate the student experience, as they explore a wide range of essential questions to facilitate conceptual understanding and transfer and develop important skills for studying Humanities in school and beyond.


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