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Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a way for students to use their skills as well as learning new ones.

At BSM, our Student Leadership programme provides a platform for students from Year 6 – 13 to take up roles that impact the whole school through initiating their ideas, role modelling and refining skills such as problem-solving, collaboration and creativity.

New Student Leaders

The Senior Student Leadership Team SY 2023-2024

Leadership Skills & House System

All BSM students are engaged in developing leadership skills; to learn the different ways they can lead, support their peers and work effectively as a team or group. They explore the impact leadership skills can have on individuals and groups with a particular focus on group work, collaboration and cohesiveness.

Exploring the dynamics of effective group work takes place in the classroom where specific skills are taught and assessed notably through the development and delivery of collaborative projects, proposals and presentations. From Year 1 to Year 13 students lead and participate in activities where they collaborate, compete, and problem solve. They are encouraged to challenge each other’s ideas and proposals. 

On admission, opportunities include small business or start-up entrepreneurial projects; school, social & community improvement projects; school-wide fundraising initiatives; the development of class exhibitions of learning: the delivery of assemblies; as well as local, regional & international competitions such as the Google Science Fair.

In addition, students are able to engage in an extensive range of roles and opportunities to develop leadership skills outside the classroom setting which include but are not limited to: 

  • Student Council: Y1-Y13
  • Student Leadership Team: Y12 and Y13
  • Buddying and Peer Mentoring: Y5-Y13
  • Sports Events & Extra Curricular Coaching: Y7-Y13
  • Magazine Editorial, Conferences
  • TEDxBritishSchoolManila: Y11-12
  • Model United Nations: Y5-Y13

Student Council

BSM has a strong and active Student Council in Primary and Senior. Each year two Year 12s are elected to lead the Student Council and adopt the student's voice. Alongside the Year 12s, every year group from Year 2 to Year 6 elect 3 Student Council Representatives. These 15 representatives meet weekly and collectively work towards a common goal within the school. This may be fundraising, supporting others accomplish their aims and bringing concerns to the Leadership team. This role develops not only leadership but the important role of social intelligence, connectivity with others and a sense of empathy towards causes and people.

BSM House System

On admission to BSM all students and staff are allocated to one of three Houses, named after regions of the Philippines:

  • Luzon (Green)
  • Visayas (Red)
  • Mindanao (Yellow)

Each House has 3 Student Captains and 3 Deputies.

BSM’s House System is devised to create team cohesiveness and spirit, but also to enhance our sense of community and support pastoral care, through creating closer bonds and relationships between students of all ages, across all Year levels.

Each year, from Nursery up to Year 13, a variety of whole-school or Year group led Creative, Active, Service and Academic House Competitions and activities take place. All students also participate in our Learning PowerPoints Reward Programme, gaining House Points for their approach to learning, daily performance and behaviour.

Head of School announces House Points monthly, awards House Shields once a term and the House Cup at the end of the academic year.