After School Activities

Our After School Activities (ASA) Programme is both rich and diverse with over 80 clubs and activities designed to meet the needs and interests of our broad and diverse community. These opportunities start from Reception.

Clubs and activities largely run after school; however, a number of clubs also take place in the morning and/or at weekends. We encourage all students to be involved in activities that they are passionate about and that will enrich their learning and support them to broaden their experience and take risks.

Art, music, drama and dance are key components of the programme as they are accessible for all ages.

We have a major focus on academic extension such as robotics, modern foreign languages, science clubs and journalism. Model United Nations is offered from Year 5 upwards, and there are a number of Information Technology clubs and activities that provide opportunities for your children to apply technology to real world situations.

We strongly believe that through linking our extensive ASA programmes with the learning that takes place in the classroom your child will become a well-rounded individual who has the skills and mindset to balance both work and recreation as they move into the next stage of their lives.

Learn about our ASA programme here

Creativity ASAs are about exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance. There is a wide range of music ASAs available from Chamber Choir to Rock Band and Ukulele group to BSM Sings. In addition to this students may opt to join Art club or apply to be part of the Winston team, who publish the school newspaper.
Activity ASAs involve physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle. There are a diverse array of activity ASAs to suit all tastes and abilities. Team sports such as football, rugby, basketball and volleyball are popular choices with teams regularly competing in regional competitions. Other physical options include gymnastics, running club, boxing and karate.
Academic Extension ASAs allow students to extend their learning through the practical application of skills, knowledge and understanding. These activities include robotics, Model United Nations, Maths Teams, ICT Club, Journalism, Science Club and many more.

Our After School Activities (ASAs) aim to provide all our students with the opportunity to lead an active and balanced lifestyle which is consistent with their abilities, hobbies and interests.

Extra Curricular Activities

Programmes in our fully inclusive ASA offering are fun and enjoyable, designed for all our students to develop relationships with peers and teachers that promote a sense of belonging.  The appropriate level of challenge offered in all our programmes supports our students to develop their abilities to self regulate and their capacity for growth and resilience.

BSM offers a wide breadth of activities in seven ASA Categories:  Academics, Active, Creative, Leisure, Service, STEM, Sport. There are over 250 ASA Sessions every week with options for all ages from Reception to Year 13.

The majority of our programmes take place after school, however, a number of programmes require a level of commitment at weekends. The majority of our ASAs are led by teachers, whilst others are led by ASA Activity Leaders with a small minority being led by externally provided organisations.

More information for BSM Parents and students is available via the ASA Hub.

After School Activities for Every Interest

Academic ASAs compliment the curriculum in school by delivering alternative content and opportunities. Children have the chance to apply what they have learned outside the context of the classroom. Examples include Maths Olympiad, Model United Nations (MUN), and Green Team.

Active ASAs are physically active, fun,non-competitive and suitable for everyone! Examples of Active ASAs are Zumba, Obstacle Course, ‘Just for fun Volleyball’ and Kids Yoga.

Creative: Visual, Performing, Musical, Creative and Digital Arts, with their related technologies, sit at the core of the School and contribute to developing the whole person. They open the young mind to new ideas, new experiences and new challenges and instill the habits that last a lifetime – confidence, perseverance, a drive for excellence and the ability to analyse and solve problems. Examples of Creative ASAs are Tech Team, Hip Hop, 2D Media, Design Photography, and Trinity Drama.

Leisure ASAs focus on learning new skills to pursue a classic or contemporary leisure time activity. Examples of Leisure ASAs are Chess, Cross Stitch, Plastic Pals and Book Club.

Service: Service Learning is an integral part of the BSM experience for all students, from Nursery up to IB level. We focus on building relationships and understanding problems and solutions, not only donating resources. Service ASAs are available for Y7-Y13 students and are largely student-led, with a teacher/ mentor available for support. Students work together to create opportunities for fundraising and providing both material and human resources to support needs identified in cooperation with a chosen service partner.

Examples of Service ASAs are Makabata, Red Cross, Kythe, Childhaus, One Million Lights, and Habitat for Humanity.

STEM: STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These activities encourage students to problem solve, create, explore and think. Examples of STEM ASAs are Bloxels, Fun with Coding, Bricks for Kids, and Lego Robotics Club.

Sport: At BSM an active and balanced lifestyle is an important part of every child’s well-being. We provide extensive and inclusive sport programmes across a range of sports and age groups. Each day there is an opportunity for every student to take part in a physical activity or competitive sport.

We encourage children to choose sport for fun, to improve their skills or if they want to perform for the school in events and competitions. Many representation events are scheduled at the weekend both at BSM and elsewhere. Some Sport ASAs also provide the opportunity to travel overseas and represent BSM in international competitions.

Last year over 500 students (60% of the school) represented the school in one sport or more and were rewarded for their achievements in the end of year Sports Celebration Evening.

Examples of Sport ASAs are Football, Basketball, Rugby, Swimming, Badminton, Volleyball, and Tennis.

Why are After School Activities Important?

Extra curricular activities can benefit your child in many ways. Not only in taking up a new hobby or advancing in academics, but also through:

  •     Building a sense of belonging
  •     Improving overall well-being
  •     Exploring different hobbies and interests as part of an active and balanced lifestyle
  •     Developing levels of self acceptance
  •     Enhancing social skills
  •     Increasing self esteem
  •     Developing resilience and learning through failure
  •     Improving academic performance

ASA Statistics

ASA to choose from
0 * out of 900+
students attend ASA. (*Approx)
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represented the school last year in competitions, invitationals abroad.
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For the health and safety of all our students, families and staff, we have temporarily closed our campus due to the COVID-19 enforced quarantine. We are implementing distance learning for our students until further notice. Online classes resume after the Easter break on 13 April.

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