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Primary School

Hero image for Primary School

Primary life at the British School Manila aims to develop children as learners through providing a range of holistic, authentic and real world opportunities.We believe that learning is at its best when children are able to follow their own interests at their own pace, learn through play and transfer learning to other contexts.

We aim to help children flourish through our focus on well-being; providing a place of belonging and giving children every opportunity to understand and embrace who they are. We believe this will facilitate our children in embracing and developing their character and help them to rise to the challenge of making an impact upon the world in which they live.

In Primary, your child/ren will be empowered to reflect on and drive their own learning, be encouraged to become inquiring and independent, and will be supported as they develop high-quality communication skills.

We ensure that your child is challenged on each step of their learning journey, by getting to know each one both as an individual and as a member of our community.

We broadly follow the National Curriculum of the UK but we have bravely and boldly taken the best educational approaches from across the globe and adapted them to meet the needs of our children and context. Learn more about our curriculum and approaches here.

The British School Manila is a very special place. Whilst this information on our website will be useful to you, there is nothing like an ‘in-person’ visit to experience everything that British School Manila has to offer.  We hold multiple primary tours each week and welcome anyone interested in learning more about our school.  We hope to see you soon.

Katie Tomlinson
Head of Primary School