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Joanne Cuthbert
Learning Support Co-ordinator

A very warm welcome to the Learning Support Department at The British School Manila! We are focused on ensuring all our students are able to access our curriculum and personalising the support each child receives.

The British School Manila's Learning Support Department consists of a Learning Support Co-ordinator, a Primary Learning Support Co-ordinator and a team of Learning Support Assistants (LSAs). An in-house Speech and Language therapist also provides support to those students who have speech/language and/or hearing difficulties.

The team work throughout the Primary and Senior schools providing in-class learning support to individual and small groups of students with learning, language or behavioural difficulties. Students who require EAL support (English as an Additional Language) are also catered for and are assigned to LSAs with specific EAL expertise. In some cases, students are withdrawn from regular classes to work on individual learning targets.

Students who need support can be referred by their teacher or parent to Learning Support. The Learning Support Co-ordinator can also make referrals to a range of external professional services such as educational psychologists and occupational therapists. We also assist in coordinating information for parents regarding these professionals. Parents are responsible for the professional fees of such consultants.

The Learning Support team works collaboratively with teachers and parents across the school community. If a referral is recommended by a teacher, a meeting is arranged with parents to discuss the need for further assessment and offer possible options for support. Once agreed, the student would then enter a staged system of Learning Support provision.

A staged intervention system (Stages 1 to 4) is used at BSM in order to identify, assess, plan for, review and to meet the learning needs of students. It provides a solution-focused approach to meeting needs at the earliest opportunity. The process involves the child, parents/carers, school staff and, at some levels, other professionals, working in partnership to get it right for every student. Staged intervention is designed to be flexible and allows for movement between stages depending on progress. Please see the Staged Table of Intervention for further details and the associated extra charge at each stage.

Parents who would like support or advice regarding their child’s learning can contact me at j[email protected]


Staged Table of Intervention | Please click to download