Health and Safety

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At BSM we promote a positive culture of Health and Safety.

Students should be able to experience a wide range of activities, health and safety measures help them to do this safely. It is important that children learn to understand and manage the risks that are a normal part of life. With this in mind we take steps to ensure that students, staff and visitors are not exposed to risks to their health and safety.

This applies to activities on or off school premises.


In managing Health and Safety at BSM we:

  • assess the risks to students, staff and others affected by school activities in order to identify the health and safety measures that are necessary;
  • introduce measures to manage those risks (risk management);
  • assess all education outside the classroom (school trips) through conducting risk assessments;
  • ensure that adequate training is given to employees on health and safety matters;
  • have a health and safety policy in place which includes emergency procedures;
  • provide training where needed so that staff can keep themselves and children safe and manage risks effectively;
  • have a board of governors health, safety and security representative; and
  • a health and safety co-ordinator staff member.

For questions and queries regarding health and safety please contact:

Richard Hunt on [email protected]


View/Download the Emergency Handbook