PTA Jumble Sale - 19 May 2018

Thankfully, it has been a fairly quiet week for the PTA. But as we leave the maelstrom of the seaside fete, we sail on. 

Jumble Sale, to be precise. Our next event is the Jumble Sale on Saturday, 19 May. A jumble sale is a fairly British affair, although it is the same principles as a rummage sale, car boot sale, flea market, bring-and-buy, bric-a-brac or garage sale. If you have something in your house that has been taking up space and needs to find another home, bring it along to the jumble sale where lots of punters will be hunting for a bargain. 


The jumble sale starts at 7.30am - 12nn on Level 1 ramp with tables costing Php 500 each.