Princess Anne Visit

20 March 2015

This week we were honoured by a visit from Her Royal Highness Princess Anne. This is the fourth time we have been visited by a member of the British Royal Family. The first was also by The Princess Royal in 1999, followed by Prince Andrew in 2001 and 2004, and now this our most recent visit. When the visit was first announced we discussed what we thought Her Royal Highness might most enjoy and what it was we wanted to showcase in the hour she had with us. It will be of little surprise that it was our students, their learning and our sense of community. I think it was fair to say our students, staff and families were very excited about the visit, and that there was a certain group who were particularly excited about meeting a real princess, and many of this group was our parents!

The visit began with walking past our wonderful IB Art Exhibition and then a short whole school assembly with brief speeches and lots of wonderful singing. Our Year 5s then shared their engineering project work with The Princess Royal demonstrating how our students develop their Learning Power skills. Next it was on to Don Jones where our students were playing tennis and Princess Anne unveiled a plaque that we will use to commemorate her visit. Last but not least, we introduced her to our service programmes. She met our students and NGO partners in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and they explained these wonderful partnerships. We would like to think that our community is the type of school that Her Royal Highness would have enjoyed being part of when she was a student. The feedback we have received from the British Embassy was that Princess one that we all remember fondly.


Simon Mann
Head of School



The Princess Anne Visit in a glance: