International Evening 2017 - The British School Manila’s biggest charity fundraising event

After months of planning and a huge community effort International Evening was all we expected it to be and so much more. We knew that the Parade of Nations would be spectacular (but who was that turtle?), our families would cook and/or organise great food, we knew our students, staff and families would put on some wonderful entertainment and, it being BSM, we also knew that we would enjoy some great company. This year was a notch up on last year for reasons not that obvious on the evening (with the exception of the Staff Bands – who were amazing).

The notch up was the fundraising and the impact this has on a Service Programme that is steadily becoming more refined and better at providing for our service partners. Raffle tickets were key to raising more funds this year. The raffle was made possible by our amazingly generous sponsors who provided wonderful prizes and the fact that this year we engaged all of our students in selling tickets. This, along with a slightly bigger turnout, has seen our fundraising from the event grow significantly. However, fundraising alone did not make the difference.

Our service programme, which takes the majority of its funding from International Evening, is continuing to become more refined. This allows us to target effectively groups in need and actively engage our students in providing support. The projects we undertake as part of the curriculum in Primary School have evolved and we now have a Student Service Leadership team involving students from Year 7 to Year 13.

In Senior School, our programmes are hands-on and often residential. This maximises the support we can provide and our Year 12 students are now designing and running bespoke programmes which are having a significant impact. More than ever the money we have raised will allow us to help large groups of people with significant needs. Every peso that we raise will go directly, or through resources, to these groups. 

To think that this has been delivered through what is one of my favourite evenings of the year, where our community collaborates to put on a fabulous event and then gets together on the night as a whole community, makes the process so much more pleasing. My heartfelt thanks go out to all those who performed, cooked, organised, set-up, packed down, and last but not least turned up. This collective effort made the evening.


Simon Mann

Head of School



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