Visual and Performing Arts

Drama | Music | Art

We believe that access to and engagement in Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) is a central component of your child’s education. The development of communication skills through performance, artistic exploration and creative thinking are essential skills for children of all ages. All of our students experience Art and Music and in Senior School also Drama, (as part of our core education) which are delivered by specialist teachers. High value is placed on these programmes and we are committed to providing access for all students to the arts throughout their time at BSM. We are very proud of our students’ abilities and ensure we have regular displays, performances and exhibitions of their work.

To supplement your child’s core programmes and extend our students who have a talent or passion in VPA, we provide multiple opportunities outside class time. These include art clubs for all ages, music ensembles and choirs, multiple dance groups and drama clubs. We also have a number of major drama productions, a series of school concerts, year group assemblies in the Primary School and peripatetic music lessons for all students, where your child can prepare for and take ABRSM exams.

From Nursery upwards we aim to ensure that your child will have the opportunity to perform through lessons, assemblies, and special performance days. In this way we support the process of building self-confidence and communication skills.