Year 10 Students, Families and Teachers Get Building With Gawad Kalinga

The partnership between year 10 and Gawad Kalinga (GK) Taguig City, a well-respected NGO that provides housing, education and livelihood support, had a fun and sweaty start on Saturday 7th September. A group of year 10 students, their parents and some teachers assembled early ready to help out as a group of the residents concreted a laundry area, improved drainage and built a wall to improve safety in their village. The BSM community service fund provided some of the materials, and residents and the BSM team all got straight down to work shifting sand and cement, mixing concrete and building the wall. Great fun was had by all, and at the end of the morning good progress had been made. Year 10 will look to strengthen the partnership in coming weeks with more of a focus on shared education and sports activities.




A great hardworking group – sweaty, dirty and happy!
James still mixing, carefully watched by mum!
BSM teachers smoothing concrete
Martin tirelessly shifting bags of sand
Mr Guinness getting building tips from Alex Giles
Year 10 students James, Megan, Martin and Alex working hard mixing sand and cement
Mr Kennedy has done a bit of concrete mixing in his time