Food Drive For Flood Victims

There was a great response from the BSM community to the food drive immediately following the tropical storm in late August which produced widespread flooding across Manila and forced the school to close. Students raided the store cupboards at home and some used their pocket money to go and buy urgently needed food supplies that we distributed to our community service partners. Students from Year 2 and Year 13 helped to load up supplies into the school vans and within hours of the donations being dropped off at school, we were able to get them to hungry families. We distributed food to Makabata School in Pasig, where even two days after the worst flooding they still had around 40 students living in evacuation centres or sleeping in tents on the street. New BSM teachers took supplies down to our partners in Tondo, PCF School and Young Focus, where some of the students were so hungry that they were ripping packets of uncooked noodles open to eat as they took some emergency supplies home. Many of the residents of the squatter camps in Tondo live a really precarious existence depending on finding daily work, and with the heavy rains they had not been able to work for up to five days so families were running really short of money to buy food. A timely response by the BSM community, thanks for helping out.




Flood relief supplies arriving at Makabata school on Friday – Headteacher Patrick is in the yellow tshirt
The donated food supplies being sorted at PCF for distribution to those affected by the recent flooding
Year 13 CAS students helping to load up supplies for Makabata
Year 2 pupils helping to load the van taking supplies to Tondo