CAS Week 2014

On May 12-16 2014, Year 12 travelled to Tagaytay to undertake a week of community service work as a part of their IB Diploma. For the third year running, we worked in partnership with the Empowering Brilliant Minds Foundation to enhance the facilities at Tagaytay Central Elementary School and to support the communities who are a part of the Pag-Asa Social Centre. Here are the thoughts of two of year 12 students, Aileen Chong and Paco Litonjua:

‘By definition, CAS stands for Creativity, Action and Service. To students of the IB diploma, however, CAS means more than a simple acronym. It represents an opportunity for young globally minded students such as ourselves to realise the social implications of their actions. Through various workshops and activities, CAS week gave us the perfect outlet to express our capacity to empathise with those less fortunate than ourselves.

During the week, all of us were able to witness a phenomenal change at the Tagaytay Central Elementary School (TCES), where we arrived with initial goals to rehabilitate, renovate, build and paint the compound. It was a truly magnificent sight. 12NB were busy hammering nails to secure the newly renovated nipa hut. 12KG showcased their creativity by painting murals on one of the classroom buildings. 12WT and 12CT learnt new skills by mixing cement and constructing a wall around 2 metres high and 25 meters long. A group of BSM students spent each morning running activities for the TCES pupils with special educational needs.

CAS week was not merely successful in embellishing our portfolios with precious hours of CAS, but also in developing a true sense of community and compassion within our yeargroup. Our activities helped us realise and appreciate the many privileges that come with an education at BSM. Moreover, it emphasised the importance of giving back to the community around us.’




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