BSM Supports Kirby's Cancer Treatment

Kirby Avenilla is a 2 year old boy from Pangasinan, a rural area four hours from Manila. His parents struggle to make a living to support him and his twin brother by selling snacks from their home. In July this year they discovered that Kirby had a lump growing on his stomach and went to see the local doctor. This was discovered to be pancreatic cancer and he was brought down to the Manila Children’s Hospital for surgery, which went well. He now is undergoing six sessions of chemotherapy at the Manila Doctor’s Hospital and hopefully a scan at the end of these will reveal that the cancer is in complete remission. The drugs alone for these sessions cost 40,000 pesos. The family simply cannot afford these costs and the hospital bills, even though the wonderful doctor managing his treatment, Dr Amy Dy, is doing this for free.  Mr Paget and Ms Halliwell met Dr Dy as she was involved in the treatment of their daughter Georgia’s cancer. A request was made to the BSM Community Service Fund as to whether we could help support some of the costs of Kirby’s treatment. We have been able to fund his third session of chemotherapy to the tune of 40,000 pesos, and we will assess whether we are able to continue to support the remainder of his treatment. All being well, he will be back in good shape in around three months.

On Thursday 7th November, a group of BSM staff and three IB students who are interested in pursuing careers in medicine went to visit Kirby, his mother and Dr Dy. He is a fantastic little guy who was dealing with the pain and stress of his treatment incredibly well. We were able to take him a few books and drawing materials that had been donated by students from the Nursery class. It really is great to be able to support him and get him back to health. We will keep you updated on his progress.




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