Extra Curricular PE Overview

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The Physical Education Department at The British School Manila offers a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, to all students from Year 1 through to Year 13. All of these activities are designed to give students the opportunity to develop physical, social and personal skills outside the classroom and to support learning in the classroom. The extra-curricular activities offered by the PE department are, by their nature, linked closely to ASA’s and can be found in Stage 1 of the ASA application process under ‘Sports Clubs’.

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Our ‘Extra-Curricular’ Vision

For every student at BSM to develop a lifelong commitment to physical activity, understand the importance of following a healthy, active lifestyle and ensure physical activity is a key part of their day to day life.

Our ‘Extra-Curricular’ Aim

To give all BSM students the opportunity to develop their interests, skills and all components of fitness by providing a full and varied offer of sports and physical activity clubs categorised as  ‘Sports Clubs’ in BSM’s ASA Programme.

To support our students to achieve their physical and and sporting potential through the provision of appropriate ‘Sports Clubs’ programmes and individual guidance.

BSM Sports Performance Pyramid

The extra-curricular activities offered by the PE Department can be split into three levels of physical activity:

Participation Level
These activities and opportunities, offered to all students with the aim of encouraging those participating to adopt a healthy active lifestyle through exercise and taking part. Choosing to take part in physical activity at this level can provide students with a fun and satisfying way to develop their personal and social skills alongside their physical fitness and sport-specific skills. This climate is achieved by improving a sense of belonging, team work, confidence, resilience and self-esteem in individuals by all our coaches. These activities and opportunities have an emphasis on ‘having a go’ and enjoying a sport.

‘Participation Level’ opportunities include, but are not limited to; All ASA Sports Clubs, House Competitions, BSM Speed Gala Series, BSM Lions Programme (for football and friendly fixtures) and some RIFA football tournaments.

Developmental Level
These are activities and opportunities aimed at students who have reached a good level of performance for their age in a particular sport.  Students taking part in development level activities and opportunities will be introduced to more competitive sporting situations, this may include representative sport, fixtures and festivals.

‘Development Level’ activities and opportunities include, but are not limited to; RIFA football fixtures and MANSAC Rugby competitions, WFL fixtures and open swim meets.

Elite / Excellence Level
These are activities and opportunities specifically aimed at those students who have been chosen for representative sports due to their high level of performance. The emphasis during these activities and opportunities is for students to improve maximal performance and select and apply their skills in the most challenging of competitive environments.

‘Excellence Level’ opportunities include, but are not limited to; FOBISIA Games (Primary/ U13/U15), FOBISIA Invitational Events, ISAC Competitions (Football/ Basketball/ Golf/ Tennis/ Swimming) and the Bonifacio Cup (Swimming).